Four Square House

Our design of an ADU in Sausalito is a process of understanding the entangled relationships of contemporary living. Navigating the needs of multi-generational living, access to outdoor spaces of leisure and play, material consistency of the main house and accessory dwelling, and the requirements of neighboring view corridors, the design emerges as a carefully balanced culmination of these contingencies.

ADUs are often small singular spaces that need to accommodate multiple uses. Here four wooden furniture “blocks” —kitchen, desk, bed, and couch, become spatial and programmatic thresholds on the interior, allowing seamless transitions between the enjoyment of gardening, reading, and tea.

Location: Sausalito, CA
Client: Undisclosed
Year: 2020–2022
Type: Residential
Size: 600 SF
Status: Concept Design

Team: Figure (Architect) with Reishan McIntosh, Oliver Moldow, and Tiger Fu