Moon Creative Lab

Moon Creative Lab is an incubation studio that promotes the creativity and growth of ideas into real ventures. They foster collaboration by bringing together designers, researchers, engineers, and providing a variety of work environments for idea development. Figure, in collaboration with IDEO Tokyo and Studio OKI, designed Moon Creative Lab's first outpost outside of Tokyo in an existing office building in Palo Alto, California.

The shell of the existing 1946 building was preserved with its glass block facade, wood bowstring trusses, and skylights. The 6,250 square foot interior space was strategically transformed to provide flexible work spaces, open project rooms, a dedicated maker space shop, and a flexible assembly space for talks and presentations.

A variety of communal and private work areas were delineated through a strategy of soft thresholds; furnishings, mobile super furniture, and subtle material shifts allow users to flow seamlessly between spaces and tasks of making, eating, sharing, working, all of which are essential elements of the creative process.

Location: Palo Alto, CA
Client: Moon Creative Lab
Date: 2018–2019
Type: Office
Size: 6,250 SF
Status: Built

Team: IDEO Tokyo (Brand and Environments Consultant), Figure x Studio OKI (Design Architects), Figure (Executive Architect), Tipping Structural Engineers (Structural Engineer), Gidel & Kocal (General Contractor), Monterey Energy Group (Mechanical and Plumbing Engineering), Aurum Consulting Engineers (Electrical Engineering), and San Jose Woodworking and Commercial Seating Specialists (Millwork), and James Leng and Nicolas Zurcher (Photography).